Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Download | Torrent

So, we finally finished it! Thanks so much to the people who helped look over the script and the wonderful typesetter and encoder who helped us find our way. Without them, this release would not have been possible. We'll be uploading the torrent later, as our guy with the seedbox is still asleep. Though, I have a feeling that by then someone else will have already uploaded it. Oh well.

Translation: Moose, Snap
Encode: Pikminiman
Typeset: Jocko
QC: Spice, Nielle, Vexed

More about the Takenoko Nyokki Game, though...
First of all, the game takes place from around 3:00.
Takenoko = bamboo shoot
Nyokki = the sound of a bamboo shoot sprouting (basically).

The game is normally played as a drinking (alcohol) game, but it doesn't always have to be. Once again, it is a counting game. The number they must count up to is equal to the number of people there are. The goal is to not count the last number, and to not count at the same time as someone else, otherwise you lose. Doing so is actually somewhat harder than it sounds.

The hand position you have to use when playing symbolizes a bamboo shoot. When you count, you add a nyokki after the number (e.g. ichi nyokki!), and raise your hands. This symbolizes a bamboo shoot coming out of the ground.

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