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Some news
1). The image above is a typo in the original Japanese on page 2.
2). We're looking for rotacroppers and letterers. Basically, "entry-level position" people. Apply in IRC. (We can explain the details better there)
3). Below is a staff chat log.

Attack of the mustache:
[1:56:32 AM] Muse: we should split up the mustache
[1:56:44 AM] Muse:
[1:56:53 AM] Muse: like instead of having two distinct clumps
[1:56:59 AM] Muse: have them all in their own place
[1:57:14 AM] Snap: Like
[1:57:18 AM] Snap: Where would they go
[1:57:21 AM] Snap: I need imagery here
[1:57:28 AM] Muse:
@                         @
  watch   v    wants

[1:57:42 AM] Snap: Oh god pls
[1:57:45 AM] Muse: I guess put the to lower down on the face
[1:57:53 AM] Muse: it will probably look dumb though
[1:57:54 AM] Snap: I was gonna suggest "Wants to watch" be the entire mustache
[1:58:05 AM] Snap: Left to right
[1:58:08 AM] Snap: Like normal people
[1:58:48 AM] Snap: I do think splitting it up would be good though
[1:59:12 AM] Muse: ok ill try
[1:59:45 AM] Muse: oh god
[1:59:46 AM] Muse:
[1:59:48 AM] Muse: AAHHHHHH
[1:59:57 AM] Snap: Oh god Muse
[1:59:59 AM] Snap: What happened
[2:00:06 AM] Snap: abort! ABORT!!!!!

Horimiya Chapter 44

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Trigger = !haji16

She ded? She ded.

Hajiotsu Chapter 16

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Trigger = !oku17


Okusan Chapter 17

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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